Thursday, November 17, 2011

Research Project- Residential Satisfaction in low cost housing

Site :Bandar Sri Pinang- Low cost housing Desa Pinang 1/2

Site Introduction

 Bandar Sri Pinang is a new residential neighborhood located off Jalan Sungai Pinang along the Jelutong Expressway, Penang. The neighborhood was developed on reclaimed land that was created along with the construction of Jelutong Expressway. The neighborhood has a mix development that includes lower-medium cost high-rise apartments, medium-cost apartments, upper-medium cost apartments, and upmarket landed residential properties.

Purpose Of Study : 
  • Examine the level of residential satisfaction in private low cost housing estates in study area
  • Services provided by developer, neighbourhood facilities and environment

Desa Pinang 1 consists of 2 blocks of 6-storey apartments totaling 210 units. Desa Pinang 2 consists of 2 blocks of 21 storey apartments totaling  620 units.
The sample of 70 households were randomly selected for households living in 830 units of low-cost housing in Bandar Sri Pinang
Questionnaire Design:
vHead of household background- house ownership status, Type of expenditure ,income…
vLevel of satisfaction dwelling units- living room, kitchen area, bed room, wash room, dinning room, air circulation…
vLevel of satisfaction services  by developer- Pipe repair, electrical wiring, water supply, disposal, safety
vLevel of satisfaction with neighborhood Facilities and environment - primary school, clinic, market, telephone, market, parking lot, place of worship, community hall, police station….

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